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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Priority Boarding

If one's in the army,
In the United States,
When boarding a plane you get prior 'ty,
Aft babes with moms and mates,

Because their job is to essent'lly die,
If the pres'dent says to,
With the hope that it's for something worthwhile,
Like maintaining gen'ral freedom for you.

Must say the privileged seating's pretty sweet,
I'd like to know the odds,
Of being killed versus getting aisle seats,
Both bring you close to God.

And that's not all,
You travel quite a bit,
Freedom can be taken from as far as,
Any country with enough oil in it.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

No News Is Good News

Don't know what's happening,
In the world anymore,
Funny, if you miss three days of the news,
You miss murders, storms, 'nwar,

But you also start to see the rhythm,
The beat of what we're fed,
Kore'graphed to keep us comfortably numb,
But still anxious enough to sweat our beds,

Afraid terrorists will strike anytime,
Thankful for all you've got,
Fed up with candidates, not the system,
Wishing you owned a yacht.

That's just three days,
Imagine cold turkey,
Naught to focus on but how you must live,
Reflecting on whether or not you're free.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Let's Say

Be careful what you say,
Best not to say too much,
I'm not saying not to say anything,
But, say nothing as such.

Let's just say if you have something to say,
Something important, say,
How you say it cannot be taken back,
And will prob'ly come back to you one day,

Say, what if you said things in your head first?
Then see what you say back,
A genus of saying experiment,
Test if what you say lacks.

Or let's just say,
You say sayings only,
It is like you didn't say anything,
So many people've said those already.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


This is about nothing,
Since nothing's what there is,
Since most of our live's spent doing nothing,
'Cept living on a wish,

Since nothing more can be done about it,
Since we've tried for eons,
To make something good out of this nothing,
Yet still people call for revolutions,

Since nothing is all that we ever say,
Since words are only sounds,
Since what we have accomplished when we're done,
'Sucked up by nothing's downs.

Since everyone,
On this planet will die,
Since death's the only thing that's guaranteed,
The greatest nothing one could e'er design.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Not Me

I don't know what to say,
Don't know what's going on,
Embedded deep within my own concerns,
Not able to function,

In a way that would suffice for normal,
If that be what you want,
No theme, no production, no direction,
Only a hotel room as my old haunt,

Soon it will be left behind and then what?
Will I be more rooted?
More theme? More Production? More direction?
End what the old coot did?

You won't get that,
Maybe in a few years.
Until then I will have to keep living,
And too stop writing about my own fears.

Monday, January 26, 2015


Time to get personal,
'Bout something you may know,
That curses you when you're at your lowest,
Not drinking alone, no,

It sits in your body, living quite nice,
Prob'ly just wasting time,
Eating the food that you eat for yourself,
Bragging to your blood that life is just fine,

It perks up when your stressed, rubbing its eyes,
Peaks its head out the door,
Choosing your lip as its observ'tory,
Yes, the dreaded cold sore.

I'm not sure why,
It makes me feel so gross,
Like I'm less of a person, ya, silly,
P'haps I should try to be a better host.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Service Please

Please just come and see me,
I know you're talking now,
But I'm hungry and it is not your job,
To leave me wond'ring how,

I am going to get your attention,
Not seeming the rude one,
When all I'm expecting is what you do,
Which is to scribble down my decision,

Then take that piece of paper to the cook,
See, now I'm an asshole,
It's a tough position I find me in,
When all I want's a bone.

It's not your fault,
The annoying Bronx chick,
Could delay Death if she could catch his ear,
All I want's to eat and not be a dick.