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Saturday, March 28, 2015

For You, 9525

If you knew you were sick,
With an ailment of death,
At an age less than one would expect,
Would that make your life less?

Would you destroy the world that cut you loose,
Because you couldn't be,
A famous and impactful cynosure,
And example to all human beings?

Would the existential turmoil consume,
The thought you're not alone,
Turning all you see to a reminder,
Of all you've never known,

And never will?
Why not just end it all,
In a fantastic blaze of fire and death?
Or would you rethink it during the fall?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Thanks For The Memories

Oft times I forget things,
Or fail to remember,
A condition I have learned to live with,
Common 'mong the younger,

For what do they have to keep in their heads?
It's at their fingertips,
As it's now for me with technology,
There's not much to know with the internet,

'Cept maybe the fact that a friend's dad's died,
When you meet for a drink,
You ask how he's doing, matter of fact,
And tears are on the brink,

That's why it's good,
To retain memory,
In fact, I should have more space freed up now,
To store data that's specific to me.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Let's Dance

I went dancing last night,
Not a hard thing to do,
Not while my body's still strong and able,
When it's nothing to move,

Before age demands that I move no more,
Through pain or paral'sis,
Something that now seems so simple and right,
Will leave off as sure as death and taxes.

Unless, of course, I one day die dancing,
P'haps from a heart attack,
Or cutting the rug too close to a cliff,
I'd like to go like that.

Still in my prime,
If it hasn't passed, yet,
You can afford to take things for granted,
When moving to music's easy as breath.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring

Spring is finally here!
It's like Earth watches time.
The sun is out and rain is on the way,
That's what for which we've pined,

So that now we can curse all the wetness,
Longing for heat and sweat,
Days during which we beg heaven and earth,
For the summer's suffocating effects,

At which point a breeze would be most welcome,
To rustle leaves and hair,
To remind us that change can ere soothe with,
A briskness in the air.

Ah, the seasons,
Humbler of human pride,
How can one become an arrogant ass,
With threat of revolution on all sides?

Thursday, March 19, 2015


'What if', they always say,
'Things could have been diff'rent',
'I could have had the life I should have had,'
'For which I was ere meant.'

As if the future's open, now it's past,
Retr'spect reveals all things,
Don't they know you can never know 'what if'?
It's as hidden as ev'ry wondering,

'If only', 'could have done', 'shouldn't have e'er',
May's well know the future,
All you can do is learn from what you've done,
Not that it makes things sure,

It's just a ruse,
You ne'er know anything,
Future, past, just dress the moment you're in,
That distract you from actually living.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Throbbing Thoughts

There're so many worse off,
Than what you're going through,
That can be a comfort when times are tough,
Thinking of what you'll do,

Then there is what good old Pascal had wrote,
The thing about the mite,
Through thinking how big you're compared to it,
That, after gazing on vast Nature's light

Things really get put into proportion,
Though there's one thing that's missed,
Theoretically, if you were alone,
They just wouldn't exist,

Thus, we're back 'gain,
Thumbing our nose at death,
Thwarting its attempts at frightening us,
Thanking our mind for its lack of distress.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Finished It

Well, I have finished it,
At least this stage of it,
I must admit I'm kind of proud of it,
Can't believe I did it,

Will probably look back and laugh at it,
Like an am'teur wrote it,
Which is true, but it's true too I did it,
Which is the first step to repeating it,

For now I'm just going to bask in it,
Only for one minute,
Because I've still got work to do to it,
Before I can leave it,

Then that's not it,
There will be more of it,
The two years it's taken to finish it,
Was only to fin'lly give birth to it.