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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Last Round

Gotta take number two,
No, it's not what you think,
This is a diff'rent kind of production,
Of which I'm on the brink,

Number one had been before my mom died,
She missed them at the time,
But, had to focus on the task at hand,
So I embraced prose and discarded rhyme,

And this will be the last time on this book,
There is no choice on that,
If it takes more than this for ev'ry one,
I'll have to hang my hat.

There's more in me,
So, if this ain't the tap,
To expel it out and share with the world,
I'll take up painting or some other crap.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Crime Scene

So you're from Kanata,
I could tell by your shirt,
North forty-five and west seventy-five,
Does that mean you're a jerk?

Don't mean you can get a breakfast sandwich,
Heated three times over,
Pocket the Naked juice when no one sees,
Then say sorry to the Starbucks worker.

Like who get's Starbucks breakfast sandwiches?
Okay, I did one time,
But it was free and I learned my lesson,
Looking back, I'd written lack-luster rhymes.

I shouldn't speak,
In fact, I rarely do,
Like now as I watch the bobbing bottle,
Poking out the overalls of that dude.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What She Said

Look at something far 'way,
Where things between are hid,
Imagine yourself there and then forget,
As if you never did,

Then live your life as if nothing has changed,
Or nothing ever will,
One day you will find yourself where you looked,
Independent of plans or conscious will,

That's a secret taught me by someone wise,
Who I could never doubt,
That's why they say, 'careful what you wish for',
Dreams actually turn out,

And this is why:
You can only e'er go,
To places that actu-ally exist,
And not nothing that you didn't first know.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Once Again

Sometimes you just must do,
As if everything's fresh,
Like the hours and hours put in never were,
You are now a fine mesh,

Able to let things go quite easily,
If their size is too small,
You are looking for the big fish only,
The others you'll catch on another haul,

When they too are grown and make a good meal,
Which is what you wish for,
That others may share and taste the same meat,
That is the stuff of lore,
And repeat guests,
The debut's the hardest,
A thousand failures are e'er forgiven,
If the first attempt is the tastiest.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

You Hear That?

What do you want to hear?
That you will be OK,
That the world is exactly as it seems,
That folks mean what they say,

That science has everything figured out,
That it will save us all,
That the next government will erase greed,
That has plagued humankind since the first fall,

That nothing by will turn out except as planned,
That first day of grade school,
That taught you the dream that everyone shares,
That you'd shirk, if a fool.
That everything?
Then I'll shut my mouth now,
Words are the sole things that can't disappoint,
So long as they're not followed up by 'how?'.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Travesty

Not sure I've covered this,
A point of great tension,
E'en if this is the tenth Wath about it,
You should pay attention,

If you order a Boston Cream donut,
I'm not saying from where,
You need to insist it's put in a box,
Unless you don't care if it comes out bare,

If the choc'late sticks to the bag's inside,
Haphazardly thrown in,
Probably handed to you upside down,
Not e'en a prayer given,
That it should live,
To rest in waiting gut,
In the state it was designed to be in,
An insult to both eater and donut.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Good-Bye Napkin

Good-bye crumpled napkin,
We were so close just now,
I trusted you to hold my Boston Cream,
The most sacred allowed,

Even when the cream itself oozed out slow,
I did not fret or sweat,
I'd lick it off your rough, yet soggy, skin,
Though I know nothing 'bout you 'fore we met,

P'haps after I throw you into the bin,
And you are carried off,
To join the billions of others like you,
All fallen from great lofts,
You'll live again,
Recycled, napkin again,
Would I know you if we should meet again,
As I dab you against my mouth's moist skin?