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Saturday, April 18, 2015

An Ode To Wind

Why do I love a breeze?
The invisible sough?
The silent push sliding across my skin?
Freshest breaths in, like now?

Nothing is free from its bulbous, soft nudge,
It weaves into all nooks,
Awakening ev'ry nerve that you have,
In places that you've never thought to look,

Face it, the world comes running to your feet,
You see how you greet it?
On your back, do you move with it or stall,
Because you don't need it?

For all these things,
And more d'I love the breeze,
Then, when the air is still and I'm alone,
I 'magine the wind's just been asked to freeze. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Thank god for this coffee,
Doesn't matter what kind,
I'd rather it is rancid with caffeine,
To stimulate my mind,

Than the most balanced beans from deepest parts,
French kissed by Madonna,
E'en if 'twas guaranteed to cure cancer,
Less that brain-hugging buzz, I don't wanna,

For what kind of life's one not fully 'wake?
It's not even half speed,
The energy you use up's better spent,
On someone that's in need,

Who can mold it,
To aid humans, with luck,
By making a cup of joe you can snort,
And buy with your app at any Starbucks.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The One Moment Meditation

There's something you must do,
Delicate, some may say,
An exchange 'tween who you are and the world,
Often times in the day,

Slowed down, the moment's hard to comprehend,
Like it haps out of time,
The burst of a bubble with no surface,
As elusive as a well-thought-out rhyme,

It provides relief from pent-up pressures,
Something we all savvy,
Raised as we are to suppress our nature,
We don't have much, have we?
Except for this,
Nature's spontan'ous art,
Whether cel'brated or enjoyed alone,
We all apprec'ate the joy of the fart.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Into The Air

Sitting behind a car,
Looking at its exhaust,
Smoke billowing out, rising to the right,
Lonely, lazy and lost,

As it waited for the forward movement,
That would pull it 'long,
Give it chase instead of lack of purpose,
Make it invisible to the road's throng,

Other cars drove by from the opp'site lane,
And for a second, split,
That smoke jumped to it and then back again,
A hula dancer's hip.

Physics at play!
Forces working unseen,
With loves and hates and passions just like mine,*
Makes you wonder how you got where you've been.

Monday, April 13, 2015

My Mom's Garden

The leaves were easiest,
They left without bother,
The rake slid lightly over the wet soil,
Not hurting bulbs under,

Next were reedy things with husks hard and grey,
Dead, by all appearance,
But those you must snip, leaving a few buds,
Green within, 'cept for some dead companions,

Then the wet, stubborn, thick, rubbery grass,
No doubt that it must go,
Hacking on hands and knees until it's shorn,
Their names I'll never know,
And when all's done?
Well, life was all around!
Struggled through death, yet warmed in its embrace,
Free to spring forth 'til its death, too, comes 'round.

Friday, April 10, 2015

The Proof is in the Pudding

This is not a journal,
A journal contains facts,
Rum'nations on their relations to truth,
Musings on how to act,

Well, those actually do exist here,
Ref. def'nition of Wath,
But unlike journals, this isn't pers'nal,
Nor expose me like a journal would doth,

Any connection you feel to these words>
Are their placement, forsooth,
Arranged in such a way as to unlock>
A universal truth.

Or, that's the goal,
Proved only by each read,
An event that occurs so seldomly,
That they all may as well be about me.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

What You Do

No decision you make,
Not those that you regret,
Or that lead you down a path that seems wrong,
Should ever make you fret,

There is no special knowledge that you had,
If you chose 'correctly',
Remember, your judgment of the outcome,
Is based on your perspective entirely,

But there are others affected by you,
With their own opinion,
Equally ignorant of the merit,
Of any decision,
So what to do!
Just float around blindly?
Anyone who's known the answer to that,
Has started a religion, probably.