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Friday, February 05, 2016

Another Novel Idea

Another end's in sight,
The outcome ready-known,
Though, the first version is never the best,
It's really just the bones,

But what body can exist without form?
Just as form's not enough,
You need the jungle of smells and colour,
That makes up the truly int'resting stuff,

That hints of the structure beneath the flesh,
A doctor feeling 'round,
Sniffing pores 'mongst hairs that have seen it all,
Yet nothing concrete found,
Just emotions,
Invis'ble skin on skin,
Grown from interaction between bodies,
That's where the novel idea begins.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Server Guilt

What? Am I still working?
What do you mean by that,
As I sit with my food that you served me,
Just a few minutes back?

Is it because it's you that is working,
As I sit and relax,
That you don't ask if I'm still enjoying,
Instead of whether I'm breaking my back?

Then when I'm done you ask if I need change,
'Stead that you'll bring it back,
To give me the joy of saying keep it,
'Stead of being guilt-racked,
Wow, that was work,
I've now indigestion,
If you'd only thought of someone but you,
And simply asked me a diff'rent question.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016


September is the month,
What say we run away?
On the crisp wind to a Fall-time retreat,
Our eyes closed, come what may,

Under cover, of course, of the bare trees,
Your brown dress will blend in,
Hide you from those who want you back at home,
Me safe in Mediterranean skin.

Let them scrunch their eyes in disapprovement,
Shaking fingers at us,
Afraid that the world will choose to follow,
The brash adventurous.
Not the first time,
Revolution's followed,
In the wake of the few who dared escape,
Walking lightly under a heavy load.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Running Things

So much is e'er written,

So much is always read,

Makes you wonder how there is any time,

For any action left,

Though I suppose there are lots of people,

Who do not read at all,

Who have plenty of time to orchestrate,

The greatest way for the world to evolve. 

Which is great, bring it on, less work for me,

I'm sure it will be fine,

What do they say? 'Armchair philosophers',

Prescribing all the time,

Not having done,

Just thinking how't should be,

As long as the doers follow their guide,

Shit, I forgot that they don't even read. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Letting Go

All things you must let go,
Like mom said, 'fore she died,
A memory's already diff'rent than,
That which you did deride,

If you hold on to your disappointments,
Like the moment's still real,
There'll be less and less time for the present,
And so those things that will help how you feel,

There's no exception to this nat'ral law,
Lies, violence or shame,
We are all born new every moment,
Potential to our name,
So, to our lives,
Like there's a second chance,
Informed by moments actually good,
Just like the steps to your favorite dance.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lay It All Out

There's something to be said,
For laying it all out, emotions, memories, pain and despair,
Your weakness and doubt,

Uncertainty at e'en the words you use,
Though sure that they are right,
To instill the feelings inside of you,
As you ponder your existence at night,

The things that you've done and were done to you,
'Spite all you wish to be,
Ev'ryone would be forced to lay it out,
If it were up to me,
Then we'd be free,
Not doing stupid things,
Just to hide that fact that we're all human,
All with the same vulnerabilities

Monday, January 25, 2016

Word on the Wind

The wind will always howl,
Except for when it soughs,
Or whispers as you lie in your hammock,
Looking up at tree boughs,

It whistles when it catches something right,
Like it wants you to know,
It once was air not doing anything,
But always around to witness your woe,

Carrying your words across empty space,
As you try to connect,
Vibrating ear drums, then filling their lungs,
While you're filled with expect.
What will you hear,
When the air travels back?
Will your mind howl, whistle, whisper or sough,
Or simply  wish you'd ne'er taken that tack?